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Committee hearings are available to watch LIVE via the Committee's YouTube Live Stream:

Watch Live

**Please note that live webcasts are only available when Committee hearings are in progress.**

**Please note that often two Committee Hearings may take place at the same time.  To view either or both hearings visit the HASC YouTube Homepage, at the very top will be the option between the two Live Hearings.**

Please check the schedule on the Committee homepage or the Committee Calendar on to verify time and location for the next Commitee hearing or event. Please also note that Congressional votes requiring Members' presence in the main Chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives may delay the start of a scheduled hearing.

Video Help:

Livestreamed events do depend on your internet connection.  If you are having trouble watching a live event or a past hearing due to buffering please take into account the quality of internet you are useing. 


The use of duplications of broadcast coverage of Committee events is governed by the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives. Proceedings of the Committee, including any recording of such proceedings, may not be used for any political purpose or in any commercial advertisement, and may not be broadcast with commercial sponsorship except as part of a bona fide news program or public affairs documentary program.