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Apr 29, 2011
Defense Drumbeat
McKeon: Obama cuts would gut U.S. defense

Chairman McKeon published an op-ed today discussing the Obama Administration’s announced plan to cut hundreds of billions of dollars from the defense budget over a 12 year period. McKeon expressed heavy skepticism and issued a warning about the cuts in the USA Today editorial (excerpt below):

“For the past two years, the Pentagon has suffered cut after damaging cut, killing off vital military modernization programs and atrophying our military's end strength. Yet after pilfering our national security budget to pay for more entitlement programs and irresponsible social spending, President Obama announced plans to cut a jaw-dropping $400 billion from the defense budget over a 12-year period,” McKeon said.

“We do this in a time when America is embroiled in three different theaters of war. We do this as our nation faces myriad difficult and emerging threats, such as cyber warfare and the constantly evolving tactics of terrorists. We do this as the People's Liberation Army defense minister boasts that China is "preparing for war in all directions."

Visit USA Today to read the entire editorial.

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