Jul 31, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON - The Committee has recently learned of additional space acquisition failures: GPS Operational Control System (GPS OCX)  and the Family of Advanced Beyond Line of Sight Terminal (FAB-T) program.   GPS OCX, which is need to provide enhanced cyber security to the GPS constellation and to control the next-generation of GPS-III satellites, has now slipped further behind in the schedule DOD committed to last year, and has now grown in cost by $630 million.  The FAB-T program has now apparently slipped behind by a year.  This is a critical program (first started in 2002) to field terminals to use the Advanced Extremely High Frequency satellite system. This system is part of the President’s ability to command and control U.S. nuclear forces.  After learning of these USAF acquisition failures, Chairman Mike Rogers of the Strategic Forces Subcommittee and Ranking Member Jim Cooper released this joint statement:

“Recent news that GPS OCX has blown through the latest schedule and cost estimates and that FAB-T will now be delayed another year casts greater urgency on the debate on space reorganization.  The current system is wasting billions of dollars and failing to deliver capability to the warfighter.  Our adversaries have already reorganized their space programs and are reaping the benefits.  Those who continue to oppose reform need to explain to the warfighter, the American people, and their elected representatives how the status quo is acceptable.”