Jan 30, 2007
Press Release

 Contact: Josh Holly-202.226.3988


            Washington D.C. - Today, U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), senior Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, was joined by Congressman Terry Everett (R-AL) to discuss recent reports that the Chinese military successfully destroyed an aging weather satellite that was orbiting more than 500 miles above the earth.

            “China’s successful engagement of a satellite orbiting in space marks the commencement of a new era of military competition,” said Congressman Hunter.  “American military forces are dependent on information gathered from U.S. space assets and the capability to engage these resources represents a significant threat to our nation’s military power.

            “China’s actions and continued efforts to advance its technological capabilities require that all Department of Defense programs intended to preserve America’s space assets be reviewed for adequacy.  Further, new programs to strengthen the protection, redundancy and reconstitution of U.S. space assets must be made essential.  It is critical that we take these steps now to ensure our forces cannot be targeted through an adversarial space strike.”

            Congressmen Hunter and Everett sent a letter to President Bush advising that a review of space programs within the Defense Department be initiated.  A copy of the letter is attached. 


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