Michael Mukasey : "This is legisation to solve a problem that doesn't exist"

May 17, 2012
Defense Drumbeat
Oppose Adam Smith-Justin Amash Amendment

Former Attorney General of the United States Michael Mukasey, appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss national security and detainee issues. Mukasey echoed a chorus of former national security officials (and here), newspaper editorial boards, and opinion editorials (and here) that are all opposed to the Adam Smith-Justin Amash Amendment. Mukasey said of the Adam Smith-Justin Amash Amendment : 

Mukasey: "This would require that anyone brought into the united states would get miranda warnings, no questioning at all for intelligence, no turning over to the military eventually, no designation as an unlawful enemy combatant. The proponents of this say they are protecting american citizens. It doesn't only apply to american citizens." 

"In the last seven years there have been only four american citizens who have been designated as unlawful enemy combatants and there is no doubt that they all deserved it. This is legislation to solve a problem that doesn't exist and that would hurt our attempt to deal with foreign terrorists."

"It would incentivize them to go to the united states because they get full constitutional protection." 

Fox News, Martha MacCallum: "If someone were to drop a dirty bomb in chicago, god forbid, that person would not be treated as a enemy combatant?'

Mukasey: "He would be given miranda warnings and put into a court. That is inexcusable." 
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