Defense Drumbeats

Aug 27, 2012 Defense Drumbeat

 "Building a Durable Afghanistan Peace"

  General John R. Allen

Aug 16, 2012 Defense Drumbeat

Washington - House Armed Services Committee Member Michael Turner (OH) hosted a community forum this week featuring local business leaders who all attested to the damage that sequestration would have on jobs and defense in the Dayton, Ohio area. 

Aug 8, 2012 Defense Drumbeat

Washington is battling these days over "sequestration," the $500 billion additional cut to the defense budget looming in January. The White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill insist that intransigent Republicans are risking cuts that no one wants. This is a charade. By his own admission, President Obama has always wanted to cut the defense budget dramatically.

Aug 3, 2012 Defense Drumbeat
"When Barack Obama has lost even liberal Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, the White House has a problem. In Washington, that problem is known as the 'sequester.' In the rest of the country, it's becoming known as a jobs disaster."
Jul 27, 2012 Defense Drumbeat

Despite recent attempts by the media to recast the President's role in the current debate on sequester, in the months leading up to the debt ceiling negotiations, President Obama and his administration repeatedly offered to put draconian cuts to our military “squarely on the table.”  This resulted in nearly $1 trillion in cuts to our men and women in uniform.  While House Republicans have pa