Defense Drumbeats

May 3, 2013 Defense Drumbeat

Keep Guantanamo open: Opposing view
Until a better solution is offered, terrorism detainees must stay there.
By Rep. Buck McKeon
USA Today 

Apr 25, 2013 Defense Drumbeat

April 25, 2013
Shipbuilding portends Navy in Decline (full piece available on Real Clear Defense)

By Mackenzie Eaglen and Bryan McGrath
Excerpts below

Mar 21, 2013 Defense Drumbeat

Washington Free Beacon: Defending Defense

Defending Defense: GOP United on Keeping Defense Spending Intact
The Washington Free Beacon
March 21, 2013
By Adam Kredo 

Mar 20, 2013 Defense Drumbeat

The Administration Yanks a Missile that Upset Russia
By Editorial Board
Washington Post

Mar 18, 2013 Defense Drumbeat

Obama's Missile-Defense Reversal
The Wall Street Journal
March 17, 2013 

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