Defense Drumbeats

Jan 20, 2015 Defense Drumbeat
Washington -- Ahead of the State of the Union address, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) laid out his agenda for the Committee in the 114th Congress at the American Enterprise Institute. Additionally, the Chairman...
Jan 16, 2015 Defense Drumbeat
"PRESIDENT OBAMA’S neglect of the anti-terrorism march in Paris seemed reflective of a broader loss of momentum by his administration in combating Islamic jihadism. Five months after the president launched military operations against the Islamic State, fighting in Iraq and Syria appears..."
Jan 14, 2015 Defense Drumbeat
WASHINGTON - House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry spoke with Wolf Blitzer recently about the cyber attack on CENTCOM as well as the follow up to the terror attacks in France. "We face a flexible and adaptable enemy that is..."
Jan 12, 2015 Defense Drumbeat
"Last spring, first lady Michelle Obama held a sign that said “#BringBackOurGirls,” a response to the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria by an al-Qaeda cousin called Boko Haram. The girls are still missing. In December, members of the Pakistani Taliban murdered 132 schoolchildren and 10 staff members in Peshawar..."
Nov 14, 2014 Defense Drumbeat

HASC Member Discusses Secretary Hagel and General Dempsey's Testimony at Yesterday's Hearing


Oct 31, 2014 Defense Drumbeat


You can view the video of Fox's Jennifer Griffin's report

Oct 27, 2014 Defense Drumbeat

A pair of recent stories in POLITICO magazine titled "Team of Bumblers" and "General Dempsey to the Rescue" illustrate how President Obama and the White House National Security Team have mishandled the threat posed by the ISIL terrorist organization from the beginning.