Defense Drumbeats

Dec 7, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
WASHINGTON - Last night, Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, joined Fox News to discuss the reports regarding a Pentagon study done by the Defense Business Board on spending:
Dec 5, 2016 Defense Drumbeat

Members of Congress, civilian officials, and military leaders gathered over the first weekend of December to address the health of our national defense and stimulate discussions that promote policies to strengthen the U.S.

Oct 3, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
On the heels of aggressive actions from North Korea, Iran, and Russia, a news piece from CBS and one from the Wall Street Journal paint an alarming picture of the growing nuclear threat to the United States. Both make the case for a strong, credible, and reliable deterrent in the face of the “gathering nuclear storm.”
Sep 27, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
WASHINGTON - Today, former Senator Elizabeth Dole was joined by military caregivers to speak with Tom Hanks and military wife Jessica Allen on TODAY Tuesday announcing the creation of the Hidden Heroes campaign. Dole discussed her time caring for her husband and the men and women she met along the way who continue to serve the nation taking care of our wounded warriors. Chairman Thornberry commented on the initiative:
Sep 8, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
Defense readiness challenges are a major focus this year of the Committee’s oversight, as well as a major emphasis of the House-passed FY17 NDAA. The safety, security, and reliability of our nuclear weapons are no exception. Not only must Congress help ensure that the people who work in the nuclear enterprise are ready, lawmakers also have a responsibility to ensure that the tools and infrastructure involved are ready as well.
Sep 8, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
WASHINGTON – Troops will see yet another low pay raise next year if President Barack Obama has his way, but the president’s decision to limit an increase to 1.6 percent is not necessarily a done deal.
Sep 6, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
Press reports continue to highlight readiness shortfalls in the realm of Navy and Marine Corps F-18 Hornet fighter aircraft.
Aug 31, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
David Petraeus and Michael O’Hanlon, both accomplished professionals, have reached the pinnacle of their respective career fields. General Petraeus led the “Surge” in Iraq, one of America’s greatest military achievements, while Dr. O’Hanlon was among the first scholars to recognize, against the judgment of his peers, that the “Surge” had changed the facts on the ground in Iraq. That's why their calling talk of a crisis in U.S. military readiness a “myth” is a head-scratching disappointment...
Aug 8, 2016 Defense Drumbeat

By Chirman Mac Thornberry
Excerpts Below - Full Piece Here in RealClearDefense

Jul 14, 2016 Defense Drumbeat
It's something akin to raising the dead. A troubling shortage of flyable combat aircraft -- one military official recently called the air fleet the "smallest, oldest and least ready" in history -- is forcing the military to go to its "boneyard."