Mar 21, 2018
Defense Drumbeat

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Chairman Thornberry (R-TX), of the House Armed Services Committee talked with Fox News about why the Omnibus is important for the military.  Read some of his comments below and watch the interview here

Is the Omnibus enough for Defense?

"It is not enough to fix our problems, but its probably the right amount to be spent this year..."

"This bill begins the rebuilding process.  Unfortunately its one of those big old bills that's going to have good and bad and ugly all in it, but the good, to fix our planes and ships and training, is a really important thing to do now."

"Our most valuable assets are our people.  In certain areas we're having a real shortage, for example for pilots or aircraft mechanics.  There are a number of things in this bill that help take better care of our people, that help us recruit the right kind of people, retain those folks and then give them the tools they need to to the job.  Because training our people is just as important as buying them new planes or guns or ships or things.  We've neglected some of that training."

How quickly will services members see this raise?

"Right away, and so it will have that impact right away.  The President has proposed another raise... for next year.  So, the key is we're showing our people but we're also showing people around the world, adversaries and allies alike, that we're serious about investing in our defense.  We're going to stand up and defend ourselves, we're not going to keep cutting."

Will this help with recruiting?

"Absolutely, when they know that we are serious, that this is not just a one off, that we're going to stay with it, this pay raise, the next pay raise etc., that helps people look at the military as a career.  And again, we need the best and brightest this country can produce."



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