ISIS - A Significant Strategic & Lethal Threat

Jan 12, 2016
Defense Drumbeat
Former Official Underscores The Threat, Obama Makes Excuses

As the President prepares for his final State of the Union, he continues to be out-of-touch with the realities of ISIS and the threat it poses to the United States and the world.  Michael Morell, Former Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency under the Obama Administration, testified before the Committee today giving his thoughts on ISIS.  

What President Obama told the New York Times"ISIS, did not threaten the United States in a fundamental way..."

“In a recent off-the-record meeting with columnists, [President Obama] emphasized that the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, did not threaten the United States in a fundamental way…. As a result, he said, the danger does not merit an all-out military response involving American ground troops. He would send significant numbers of those forces to the Middle East, he added, only in the event of a terrorist attack in the United States so catastrophic that it all but paralyzed the country with fear.”

What President Obama's former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Michael Morell, said this morning before the Committee:

"I believe ISIS poses a significant strategic and lethal threat to the United States of America..."

"Today, we face an additional threat from ISIS - a direct threat - an ISIS capability to plan and direct attacks in the homeland from the group's safe haven in Iraq and Syria.  Just like the group did in Paris in November."

For the full testimony and the hearing click here.

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