May 22, 2018
Defense Drumbeat

Through the NDAA, Congress will confront Iran by:

  • Revitalizing alliances and partnerships as a bulwark against Iranian influence;  
  • Ensuring that the United States has the military posture it needs in the region to adequately deter Iranian aggression; and,
  • Increasing pressure on Iran’s proxy network in places like Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. 

Revitalizing Partnerships while Countering Proxies: 

  • Calls on the Pentagon to establish a Defense Partnership to Counter Iran that supports those partners around the world that are willing to counter Iran’s malign activities in the region. The NDAA also emphasizes the importance of integrating important capabilities among allies in the region, including air and missile defense, combined planning, mine countermeasures, and special operations forces. 
  • Extends the Counter ISIS Fund to bolster moderate elements of the Iraqi government including Iraqi Security Forces while providing for a legitimate alternative to Iranian military support.

Building a Robust Posture to Deter Iran:

  • Closes the Carrier Gap in the Gulf by accelerating production of the next Ford-class aircraft carrier to 2019 while simultaneously achieving greater cost savings.
  • Requires DoD to demonstrate that it has the processes and oversight in place to ensure an adequate supply of critical munitions
  • Partners with Israel to develop counter unmanned aerial systems, an increasing threat from Iran and Iranian-supported proxies.


For more information on the NDAA visit the HASC website

115th Congress