Feb 7, 2018
Defense Drumbeat
Moments ago, Republicans members of the House Committee on Armed Services praised the bipartisan budget agreement as a win for our men and women in uniform, explaining the vote is critical to rebuilding and repairing our military. The deal also frees the military, which was being held hostage to other domestic spending and policy disputes.

As Chairman Mac Thornberry explained,

“The cap deal that leadership announced today begins to repair our military. And for me, that’s the highest priority of the federal government, because it is fundamentally wrong to ask people to go out and perform missions for which they are not fully prepared, fully trained, fully supported with the best this country can offer.”

The press conference echoed comments from Defense Secretary Jim Mattis earlier in the day in which he argued that Congress’ practice of funding the Pentagon with short-term spending bills is inhibiting our military:

“I cannot overstate the negative impact to our troops and families’ morale from all this budget uncertainty. Today’s Congressional action will ensure our military can defend our way life, preserve the promise of prosperity, and pass on the freedoms you and I enjoy to the next generation.

You can view the press conference in its entirety here.

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