FY24 NDAA Floor Amendment Tracker: Rule 2


Last updated: July 14, 2023 at 9:42am ET

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1 0582 1 Luna (FL) [on behalf of Williams (NY)] R Prohibits any form of support or direct involvement by federal agencies in research that is conducted by the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party, or any of their affiliated agents, instruments, or entities. DEBATE Agreed to by voice vote
5 0377 1 Jackson (TX) R Prohibits the Secretary of Defense from paying for or reimbursing expenses relating to abortion services. This is the amendment version of H.R. 1297. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: 221 - 213 (Roll no. 300).
10 0194 1 Rosendale (MT) R Prohibits TRICARE from covering and the Department of Defense from furnishing sex reassignment surgeries and gender hormone treatments for transgender individuals. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: 222 - 211 (Roll no. 301).
20 0030 1 Norman (SC) R Prohibits provision of gender transition procedures, including surgery or medication, through the Exceptional Family Member Program DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: 222 - 210 (Roll no. 302).
21 0105 1 Greene (GA) R Strikes $300 million of Ukraine funding. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 89 - 341 (Roll no. 303).
22 1206 1 Gaetz (FL) R Prohibits security assistance for Ukraine. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 70 - 358 (Roll no. 304).
23 0104 1 Greene (GA) R Strikes the creation of a Center of Excellence in Ukraine. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 95 - 332, 2 Present (Roll no. 305).
24 0472 2 Davidson (OH) R Revised Requires the President, in coordination with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State, to develop and submit a report to Congress that contains a strategy for U.S. involvement in Ukraine DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 129 - 301 (Roll no. 306).
25 1219 1 Ogles (TN) R Strikes Section 1224 of the bill, which extends lend-lease authority to Ukraine. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 71 - 360 (Roll no. 307).
27 0276 1 Blumenauer (OR) D Strikes Section 1639 and prohibits the use of funds for the sustainment of the B83-1 bomb. This amendment reflects the 2022 Nuclear Posture Review, which declared the B83-1 "will be retired." DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 198 - 217 (Roll no. 298).
28 0658 1 Tlaib (MI) D Strikes the prohibition on the reduction of the total number of nuclear armed Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) deployed in the United States in Sec. 1638. Prohibition on reduction of the intercontinental ballistic missiles of the United States. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: 160 - 266 (Roll no. 299).
30 0310 1 Roy (TX) R Amends Section 904 to prohibit federal funds from being used to establish a position within the Department of Defense for anything similar to Chief Diversity Officers or Senior Advisors for Diversity and Inclusion. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: 217 - 212 (Roll no. 308).
31 0363 1 Roy (TX) R Prohibits funds authorized for DoDEA from being used to promote that idea that, 1) Any race is inherently superior or inferior to any other race, color, or national origin. 2) The US is a fundamentally racist country. 3) The Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution are racist documents, 4) An individual’s moral character or worth is determined by the individual’s race, color, or national origin. 5) An individual, by virtue of the individual’s race, is inherently racist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously. 6) An individual, because of the individual’s race, bears responsibility for the actions committed by other members of the individual’s race, color, or national origin. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: 227 - 201, 1 Present (Roll no. 309).
32 1000 1 Crane (AZ) R Prohibits the Department of Defense from making participation in training or support for certain race-based concepts a requirement for hiring, promotion, or retention of individuals. It also ensures that employees and service members cannot be compelled to declare belief in or participate in training that promotes such concepts as a condition of favorable personnel actions. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 310).
33 1465 2 Norman (SC) R Late Revised Eliminates any offices of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion along with the personnel in said offices within the offices of the Armed Forces and Department of Defense. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 312). 
34 1464 1 Norman (SC) R Late Codifies Trump admin guidance to prohibit the display of unapproved flags. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 313).
35 1386 1 Boebert (CO) R Late Prohibits Department of Defense Education Activity schools from purchasing and having pornographic and radical gender ideology books in their libraries. DEBATE  Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 314).
40 0454 1 Davidson (OH) R Requires a study and report on health conditions arising in members of the Armed Forces after the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine DEBATE Agreed to by voice vote
41 0239 1 Waltz (FL) R Allows DoD to transfer excess controlled property to Federal and State agencies under the 1033 program, consistent with the original intent of the program DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 315). 
45 0499 1 Davidson (OH) R Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit to Congress a report on allied contributions to defense spending DEBATE Agreed to by voice vote
46 0724 3 Alford (MO) R Revised Directs the Sec of the Air Force to not terminate fighter flying mission of fighter squadron of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve until 180 days after Sec of Air Force submits a modernization plan to congressional defense committees including options for modernization of fighter squadrons of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve and the replacement of the aircraft with more capable aircraft. DEBATE Agreed to by voice vote
47 0742 1 Good (VA) R Prohibits the use of federal funds to carry out the recommendations of the Naming Commission. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 316).
48 1558 1 Greene (GA) R Late no cluster munitions or cluster munitions technology shall be sold or transferred to Ukraine. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 317).
49 1138 1 Hageman (WY) R Requires that all documents and correspondence of the Countering Extremism Working Group are provided to the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government and the Committee on Armed Services DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 318).
50 0494 1 Davidson (OH) R Strikes Section 217, which authorizes funds to NATO for the joint fund established for the Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic initiative (DIANA) DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 319).
51 0189 1 Davidson (OH) on behalf of Roy (TX) R Expresses a sense of Congress that the US should not continue subsidizing NATO member countries who choose not to invest in their own defense by meeting the 2014 Wales Summit Defense Spending Benchmark. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 320) 
52 0314 2 Gaetz (FL) R Revised Prohibits federal funds for training on diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEBATE Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 321).
55 0375 1 Biggs (AZ) R exempts defense related activities from the Endangered Species Act. DEBATE  Failed by recorded vote: (Roll no. 322).
56 0475 1 Perry (PA) R Prohibits any funding authorized by this Act or otherwise made available for DOD for FY24 to provide any kind of support to the Taliban and prohibits any form of sanctions relief or mitigation unless explicitly authorized by Congress in subsequent legislation. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 323).
57 0482 1 Davidson (OH) R Reduces the DEI personnel grade cap from GS-10 to GS-1 NOT OFFERED  
58 0486 2 Perry (PA) R Revised Prohibits the use of funds for promotion of sustainable building materials (including low-embodied or no-carbon concrete or asphalt) or net-zero emissions construction. DEBATE Failed by voice vote
59 0500 1 Perry (PA) R Prohibits the use of RDT&E funding on electric vehicles, electric vehicle chargers, and photovoltaic technology. DEBATE Failed by voice vote
61 1008 2 Issa (CA) R Revised Requires DoD, within one year, produce documents and after action reports for decisions surrounding the evacuation of Bagram Airbase, the Abbey Gate suicide bomber, the airlift and follow-on movements of those airlifted, and any efforts to stymie non-USG American groups attempting to extract AMCITs, LPRs, or Afghan Allies from Afghanistan. DEBATE Agreed to by voice vote
62 1345 2 Burlison (MO) R Revised Prohibits DoD from establishing new DEI administrator positions and/or taking actions to fill vacancies in currently existing DEI billets. DEBATE Agreed to by recorded vote: (Roll no. 324).
63 1421 2 Banks (IN) R Late Revised Prohibits any funds authorized in the bill from being used by the military service academies to discriminate on the basis of race or ethnicity in academy admissions or to establish quotas for admission on the basis of race or ethnicity. DEBATE RECORDED VOTE REQUESTED
64 1556 1 Roy (TX) R Late Prohibits DOD from carrying out Biden's climate change executive orders. DEBATE  
66 1375 2 Davidson (OH) R Late Revised The amendment would prevent DOD from purchasing data that would otherwise require a warrant, court order, or subpoena. This applies to data inside the United States. DEBATE  
69 1423 2 Gaetz (FL) R Late Revised Prohibits support for the Joint Staff Civil Disturbance Cell of the National Military Command Center WILL NOT BE OFFERED  
2 0934 1 Green (TN) R Prohibits the Secretary of Defense from providing any support for the production of a film subject to content restrictions or censorship screening requirements from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or government of the People's Republic of China (PRC). EB 1  
3 0875 1 Green (TN) R Prohibits the sale of any goods manufactured, assembled, or imported from China at commissary stores or military exchanges. EB 1  
4 0358 1 Stefanik (NY) R Adds U.S. entities that partner with universities in China and Russia that maintain partnerships with their military or intelligence services to a DoD list of U.S. universities that are engaged in malign activities. Prohibits DoD RDT&E funding from going to any entity on that list. EB 1  
6 1285 2 Gallagher (WI) R Revised Restricts DoD funding for fundamental research collaboration with certain PRC entities. EB 1  
7 0389 2 Gallagher (WI) R Revised Prohibits the U.S. government and those that contract with the U.S. government from acquiring genetic sequencing equipment from Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) and its subsidiaries. EB 1  
8 1029 2 Gallagher (WI) R Revised Directs the Department of Defense Inspector General to determine the total amount of DOD dollars paid to EcoHealth Alliance, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or any other lab or organization affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party. EB 1  
9 0602 1 DesJarlais (TN) R Prohibits funds authorized by this Act from being used to engage in direct, bilateral cooperation with the People's Republic of China or China-affiliated organizations on biomedical research programs without explicit authorization from Congress and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. EB 1  
11 0565 1 Perry (PA) R Prohibits the use of funds made available by this Act to refer to Taiwan as anything other than “Taiwan” in publications or on departmental and agency websites. EB 1  
12 0483 1 Perry (PA) R Prohibits the use of funds made available by this Act to promote a “one country, two systems” solution for Taiwan. EB 1  
13 0495 1 Perry (PA) R Prohibits the use of funds to forbid active duty military officers of Taiwan from wearing their uniforms during visits to the United States. EB 1  
14 1286 2 Ogles (TN) R Revised Ensures oversight over the implementation of the Taiwan Enhanced Resilience Act EB 1  
15 0515 2 McClain (MI) R Revised Prohibits funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, as well as EcoHealth Alliance, any subsidiary of EcoHealth Alliance, any organization directly controlled by EcoHealth Alliance, or any organization or individual that is a subgrantee or subcontractor of EcoHealth Alliance. EB 1  
16 0525 1 Molinaro (NY) R Includes a study to identify potential vulnerabilities in U.S. military systems and infrastructure that could be exploited by adversarial AI applications used by the PRC, Russia, and other actors of concern. EB 1  
17 0302 1 Garamendi (CA) D Fixes loopholes in existing requirements for pricing data by clarifying when cost or pricing data is required. Makes clear that requirements to provide cost or pricing information can only be waived when there is a price competition that results in at least two responsive and viable offers. EB 1  
18 0561 1 Reschenthaler (PA) R Requires DOD to submit to Congress a report on whether any products sold at commissary or exchange stores in fiscal years 2022 or 2023 were produced by companies that have participated in a boycott action against the State of Israel. EB 1  
19 0677 1 Lamborn (CO) R Prohibits the Department of Defense from entering into contracts with entities that engaged in a boycott of the State of Israel. EB 1  
26 0079 1 DesJarlais (TN) R Prohibits funds authorized in this bill from being used to further any nuclear agreement with Iran that has not received explicit Congressional approval. EB 1  
29 0738 1 Donalds (FL) R Directs each branch of the U.S. Armed Services to submit a statement, if they certify that they're interested in potentially utilizing advanced nuclear technology, outlining what they would need in terms of bolstering regulatory certainty relating to deploying advanced nuclear reactors for military operations and logistical support. EB 1  
36 0394 1 Jackson (TX) R Prohibits any adverse actions against cadets or midshipmen based on their COVID-19 vaccination status. Further, states that an individual may not be denied admission at a service academy based on their COVID-19 vaccination status. EB 1  
37 0815 1 Wenstrup (OH) R Provides for a study regarding the immune response levels of servicemembers to COVID-19 infection and vaccination. EB 1  
38 1006 1 Banks (IN) R Amends service reinstatement and protection provisions in the FY2024 NDAA for servicemembers who refused Covid vaccination to also include members of the Coast Guard. EB 1  
39 1420 1 Norman (SC) R Late Prohibits of any sort of mask mandate regarding the spread of COVID-19 on any military instillation in the United States. EB 1  
42 0420 1 Pfluger (TX) R Requires the Secretary of Defense to notify local, State, and Federal elected officials not later than 90 days before the Department of Defense uses, creates, or repurposes a military base to house migrants. EB 1  
43 0373 2 Biggs (AZ) R Revised Requires the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and United States Agency for International Development to submit to Congress a report on agreements made by the United States with the Taliban EB 1  
44 0350 1 Rosendale (MT) R Amends Section 1021(b) of the FY12 NDAA to limit the authority of the U.S. military to indefinitely detain individuals pursuant to the 2001 AUMF, to exclude American citizens from being subject to detention. EB 1  
53 1383 1 Norman (SC) R Late Requires that any DOD component that fails to pass an independent audit have 1.5 percent of its budget returned to the Treasury for deficit reduction. Exempts personnel accounts and Defense Health Program. EB 1  
54 0365 1 Biggs (AZ) R Requires the Department of Defense to perform an audit. If it fails to, the discretionary budget authority available for the Department of Defense, the military department, or the Defense Agency shall be reduced by .5 percent. EB 1  
60 0598 1 Gosar (AZ) R Requires the Secretary of Defense to expeditiously disclose to the public all records relating to the war in Afghanistan. EB 1  
65 1498 2 Luttrell (TX) R Late Revised Requires a report on U.S. assistance to Iraq Popular Mobilization Forces and if any of these funds have benefited any member of a foreign terrorist organization. EB 1  
67 1143 2 Garcia, Mike (CA) R Revised Modifies the base pay rate for certain junior enlisted servicemembers to ensure that these servicemembers' base pay is at least $31,200 per year effective Jan 1, 2024. EB 1  
68 1298 1 Boebert (CO) R Provides for the orderly closure and disposal of the Pueblo Chemical Depot Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant in Pueblo County, Colorado. EB 1  
70 0261 3 Cloud (TX) R Revised Requires energy project applicants reviewed by the Military Aviation and Installation Assurance Siting Clearinghouse to submit a foreign agent and principal disclosure and allows governors of states 120 days to review and respond to a notice of presumed risk in their state. EB 1  
71 0991 2 Edwards (NC) R Revised Requires the Department of Defense to conduct an assessment of the 15 counties in Western North Carolina as potential locations for future defense assets and to prepare a report for Congress. EB 1  
72 0064 2 Lawler (NY) R Revised Adds a sense of Congress that defense intelligence sharing between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan is crucial for identifying and countering the malign activities of China and North Korea in the Indo-Pacific. EB 1  
73 0384 2 Gallagher (WI) R Revised Establishes a fence on OSD travel until DoD submits a plan to provide the transfer of certain excess coastal defense capabilities to security partners with a presidential drawdown authority. EB 1  
74 0131 2 Gonzales, Tony (TX) R Revised Establishes a National Digital Reserve Corps administered by GSA. EB 1  
75 0383 3 Gallagher (WI) R Revised Requires an evaluation of the provision of defense support for Taiwan. EB 1  
76 0693 2 Good (VA) R Revised Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report to Congress within one year of enactment on the extent to which Communist China has benefited from taxpayer funded research. This report would include a list of United States Government-funded entities, such as research institutions, laboratories, and institutions of higher education, which have hired Chinese nationals or allowed Chinese nationals to conduct research, including an estimate in the number of nationals hired or involved in research projects. EB 1  
77 0476 1 Graves (MO) R Clarifies the list of Federal representatives designated to serve on the Maritime Working Group established under title XXXV. EB 1  
78 1035 2 Graves (MO) R Revised Authorizes a memorial marker or niche cover and ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery in remembrance of Congressman Don Young. EB 1  
79 0269 1 Peters (CA) D Clarifies the use of government operated dry docks for non-nuclear surface ship repair. EB 1  
80 0615 1 Tenney (NY) R Requires a report by the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, on U.S. efforts to dissuade allies from purchasing Russian and Chinese weapons. EB 1