Rogers, Comer Statement on DoD Response to Mishandling of Servicemember Records

Mar 17, 2023
Press Release
Washington, D.C. – Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Mike Rogers (R-AL) and Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform James Comer (R-KY) released a statement following a response from the Department of Defense on the improper release of servicemember records. 

“The Department of Defense failed to protect the private information of our servicemembers. To publicly rectify this unacceptable mistake, we hoped DoD would provide full transparency in their response – unfortunately, full transparency is not what we received. We are extremely disappointed in DoD’s inadequate response to our questions. We asked Secretary Austin for information on all servicemembers who had their records improperly released to the Democrat-aligned research firm Due Diligence Group. However, DoD only provided our committees with answers from the Department of the Air Force, despite public reporting that DDG attempted to gather information from other services. DoD’s response did not give us confidence that all services have put safeguards in place to ensure that servicemembers’ private information is not mishandled. DoD also failed to provide our committees with information on what actions were taken with the individuals involved in the mishandling of servicemember records and if criminal referrals have been made. We will be demanding the Secretary provide full transparency and accountability on this matter. It is imperative the Secretary take every action possible to ensure this egregious incident will never happen again. We will continue to fight on behalf of our servicemembers and their privacy.”