Subcommittees on Readiness and Seapower and Projection Forces Joint Hearing: “Posture and Readiness of the Mobility Enterprise”
Tuesday, May 18, 2021 
(4:00pm ET – 2118 Rayburn and WebEx – Open) 
Purpose: Areas of discussion will focus on: sealift policy including the Maritime Security Program and the potential for a Tanker Security Program; sealift recapitalization requirements; the status of our Merchant Mariners; inter- and intra-theater airlift requirements; aerial refueling requirements; the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program; surface distribution requirements; and the Defense Personal Property Program including the future Global Household Goods Contract.
General Stephen Lyons
United States Transportation Command
Ms. Lucinda Lessley
Deputy Administrator
United States Maritime Administration
Mr. Kevin Tokarski
Associate Administrator for Strategic Sealift
United States Maritime Administration