June 2020

Date Title
6/10/20 Full Committee Hearing: “Department of Defense COVID-19 Response to Defense Industrial Base Challenges”
6/4/20 Subcommittee on Seapower and Projection Forces hearing: “Future Force Structure Requirements for the United States Navy"

March 2020

Date Title
3/12/20 Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Hearing: “FY21 Priorities for Missile Defense and Missile Defeat Programs”
3/12/20 Subcommittee on Readiness Hearing: “FY21 Navy and Marine Corps Readiness Posture”
3/11/20 Subcommittees on Seapower and Projection Forces and Readiness Joint Hearing: “Sealift and Mobility Requirements in Support of the National Defense Strategy”
3/11/20 Subcommittee on Intelligence and Emerging Threats and Capabilities Hearing: “Reviewing Department of Defense Science and Technology Strategy, Policy, and Programs for Fiscal Year 2021: Maintaining a Robust Ecosystem for Our Technological Edge”
3/11/20 Full Committee Hearing: “National Security Challenges and U.S. Military Activity in North and South America”
3/10/20 POSTPONED: Subcommittee on Military Personnel Hearing: “Domestic Violence in the Military Services - What is Being Done to Reduce the Scourge of these Abhorrent Crimes?”
3/10/20 Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces Hearing: “Department of Defense Tactical and Rotary Aircraft Acquisition and Modernization Programs in the FY21 President’s Budget Request”
3/10/20 Full Committee Hearing: “National Security Challenges and U.S. Military Activities in the Greater Middle East and Africa” Files