Media Resources

Republican Communications Office

Thank you for covering the House Committee on Armed Services.

Media requests can be sent to the Republican Communications Director at: 

Below are a set of resources to help facilitate that coverage and answer questions that may come up as you get to know the Committee.


Covering Public Events of the Armed Services Committee:

All public events of the Committee are open to members of the media.  However, some events, such as oversight hearings, may have space constraints.  If that is the case, all efforts will be made to accomodate the media. 

Broadcast TV coverage of Committee events is coordinated out of the House Radio-TV Correspondents Gallery.  For more information click here.


Media Galleries in the U.S. House  of Representatives

There are three indepedent media galleries which operate in the U.S. House of Representatives and serve as liasions between congressional offices and committees and members of the media.

Below, please find information about the three galleries provided by the U.S. House of Representatives:

  • Radio-TV Correspondents Gallery: Facilitates electronic media coverage of the House of Representatives.  The gallery provides facilities, information, and services to broadcasters and Members of Congress.
  • Daily Press Gallery: Provides access and information to the daily (newspaper) press corps about proceedings of Congress; assists Congressional staff and Members with press related inquiries and events; main filing center and press release drop-off point for the daily print press.
  • Periodical Press Gallery: Serves Members of Congress, magazine, newsletter and online reporters as a press release distribution point, information source and work area.  The Gallery issues credentials to reporters covering the daily sessions of Congress.