April 2020

Date Title
4/15/20 Leading National Security Democrats Raise Alarm over Trump Admin’s Dispute With South Korea Over Cost-Sharing Deal
4/14/20 Smith Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Trump’s Discriminatory Transgender Ban
4/9/20 Smith, Pallone, & Thompson Urge President Trump to Coordinate Production and Acquisition of COVID-19 Response Supplies
4/7/20 Smith, Engel, Reed, & Menendez Statement on Open Skies Treaty
4/7/20 Smith Statement on Resignation of Acting Secretary of the Navy Modly
4/6/20 Smith Calls for Modly’s Removal After Mishandling U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt COVID-19 Outbreak
4/2/20 HASC Leadership Joint Statement on the Dismissal of U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt Captain
4/1/20 House Committee Chairs Request Extension of Public Comment Periods During Coronavirus National Emergency

March 2020

Date Title
3/30/20 Smith Statement on Continued COVID Precautions and the FY21 NDAA
3/27/20 Smith, Thornberry Introduce “By Request” Bill and Begin FY21 National Defense Authorization Act Process
3/26/20 Smith & Engel Lead Effort Pushing Trump Administration to Maintain Humanitarian Assistance to Yemen During Coronavirus Crisis
3/13/20 Smith Statement on the PFAS Task Force March Progress Report
3/9/20 UPDATED HASC Schedule: March 9 - 13
3/4/20 HASC Schedule: March 9 – 13

February 2020

Date Title
2/29/20 Smith Statement on Conditions-Based Peace Agreement in Afghanistan
2/28/20 Smith, Thornberry, Garamendi and Lamborn Urge DOD to Expand Tenant Bill of Rights as Required by Law
2/27/20 UPDATED HASC Schedule: March 2 – 6
2/26/20 HASC Schedule: March 2 – 6
2/21/20 UPDATED HASC Schedule: February 24 – 28
2/19/20 HASC Schedule: February 24 – 28
2/13/20 Smith Condemns Waste of DoD Funds on the Border Wall
2/8/20 Smith Denounces the Removal of Lieutenant Colonel Alexander S. Vindman
2/5/20 UPDATED HASC Schedule: February 10 – 14
2/4/20 Smith Criticizes the Administration’s Deployment of W76-2 Low-Yield Nuclear Warheads
2/4/20 HASC Schedule: February 10 – 14