April 2009

Date Title
4/1/09 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on FY08 NDAA Battlefield Contracting Provision

March 2009

Date Title
3/27/09 Skelton Meets With President Calderon of Mexico And Supports Counter-Drug Fight
3/27/09 Skelton Statement on President’s Strategy For Afghanistan and Pakistan
3/27/09 SKELTON, ORTIZ Call for Halt to All DOD A-76 Competitions
3/25/09 Skelton Statement on Annual Report to Congress on China’s Military Power
3/19/09 Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee Hears Recommendations for National Security Reform
3/18/09 Skelton Praises DOD Announcement to End Stop Loss
3/18/09 Skelton on Nomination of Admiral James Stavridis to U.S. European Command
3/18/09 Panel on Defense Acquisition Reform Releases Organizational Plan
3/17/09 Skelton on the Security Challenges Arising From the Global Economic Crisis
3/16/09 SKELTON, ORTIZ Commend DOD Decision to Review NSPS
3/9/09 SKELTON, SNYDER Commend President for Presidential Memorandum on Signing Statements
3/6/09 SKELTON, MCHUGH Announce Formation of Panel on Defense Acquisition Reform
3/6/09 SNYDER and WITTMAN Statement on Defense Travel System
3/3/09 Skelton on the Role of the U.S. Navy

February 2009

Date Title
2/27/09 Skelton Statement on President’s Iraq Redeployment Plan
2/26/09 Skelton Statement on President’s FY10 Budget Outline
2/25/09 Skelton Introduces “Year of the Military Family” Resolution
2/24/09 Skelton Visits Iwo Jima
2/17/09 Skelton Praises Announcement to Increase U.S. Troop Commitment in Afghanistan
2/13/09 SKELTON, ORTIZ Call for Halt to NSPS Conversions Pending Review
2/6/09 Davis “Deeply Troubled” over Increasing Numbers of Suicides in the Army
2/5/09 Taylor Statement on Future of U.S. Naval Shipbuilding
2/2/09 Skelton Concerned by Disturbing Trends in Afghanistan