May 2010

Date Title
5/20/10 Skelton on the Sinking of the Republic of Korea Navy Ship
5/19/10 Armed Services Committee Democrats Block Irresponsible Republican Legislation Forbes amendment to NDAA would have jeopardized national security
5/19/10 House Armed Services Committee Approves Fiscal Year 2011 Defense Authorization Bill
5/7/10 Skelton Welcomes New Democratic Members to House Armed Services Committee
5/6/10 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Releases First Comprehensive Congressional Review of Professional Military Education System in 20 Years
5/6/10 Skelton Praises Success in Combating Terrorism
5/5/10 Skelton Applauds Success in Afghanistan Under Obama
5/3/10 Langevin Applauds Transparency, Leadership with Nuclear Weapons Program

April 2010

Date Title
4/28/10 House Approves Legislation to Overhaul Defense Acquisition Spending
4/28/10 Skelton Floor Statement on H.R. 5013, the IMPROVE Acquisition Act of 2010
4/27/10 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Simplifying the $10B Defense Travel System
4/26/10 Skelton’s TRICARE Affirmation Act Signed into Law
4/21/10 HASC Approves DOD Acquisition Reform Bill
4/20/10 Skelton: Export Control Reform Will ‘Better Protect Americans’
4/19/10 Skelton on Military Power of Iran Report
4/19/10 Skelton: Al Qaeda Capture Signals Continued Progress
4/14/10 Skelton, McKeon, Andrews, Conaway Introduce Bill to Overhaul DOD Acquisition Legislation will cut down on waste, fraud, and abuse, potentially saving billions of tax dollars and getting the right equipment to our
4/13/10 Skelton Praises Senate Passage of TRICARE Affirmation Act
4/12/10 Skelton Statement on the Nuclear Security Summit
4/8/10 Skelton-Langevin Statement on Signing of the New START Treaty
4/6/10 Skelton-Langevin Statement on Nuclear Posture Review
4/5/10 Skelton on Recent Remarks by Afghan President Karzai

March 2010

Date Title
3/26/10 Skelton Statement on New START Treaty
3/23/10 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Interagency Coordination of U.S. Contracts and Grants in Iraq and Afghanistan
3/23/10 Defense Acquisition Reform Panel Approves Final Report