March 2021

Date Title
3/4/21 House Armed Services Committee Stands Up Acquisition Task Force
3/3/21 HASC Schedule: March 8 - 12
3/3/21 Smith Comments on Biden’s Declassification of Intel Report on the Murder of Jamal Khashoggi

February 2021

Date Title
2/26/21 Smith Statement on Defensive Strike Against Iran-Backed Militia
2/16/21 HASC Schedule: February 22 - 26
2/12/21 Smith Announces Appointment of Subcommittee Vice Chairs for the 117th Congress
2/12/21 Armed Services Committees Leadership Announces Selections for Commission on Removing Confederate Symbols and Names from U.S. Military Assets
2/10/21 HASC Schedule: February 15 - 19
2/3/21 Smith, Langevin Announce New Subcommittee for the 117th Congress
2/3/21 Smith, Rogers Announce HASC Subcommittee Assignments, Chairs, and Ranking Members
2/3/21 Smith Congratulates Representative Luria on Election as Vice Chair of the Armed Services Committee
2/3/21 Smith, Gallego Announce New Subcommittee for the 117th Congress

January 2021

Date Title
1/28/21 Smith Announces Democratic HASC Members for 117th Congress
1/26/21 HASC Schedule: February 1 - 5
1/26/21 Smith, Cooper Praise Biden Administration’s Work to Extend New START Treaty
1/25/21 Smith Applauds Biden Administration’s Reversal of the Unconstitutional Trans Ban
1/21/21 Smith Statement on Member Roundtable with Secretary of Defense Designate Austin
1/21/21 Smith Praises House Passage of Waiver for Secretary of Defense Designate Austin
1/16/21 Smith Denounces Trump Administration’s Reckless Yemen Policy
1/15/21 Smith Introduces Legislation to Provide Exception for Secretary of Defense Designate
1/12/21 Chairs Issue Statement After FBI Briefing on Investigation of ‘Siege of the U.S. Capitol’ and Preparations for Inauguration
1/11/21 Smith Criticizes State Department Decision to Designate Houthis as Foreign Terrorist Organization
1/8/21 Smith Reiterates Support for Nomination of Secretary-designate Austin
1/7/21 Five House Committees Seek Urgent Briefing on FBI’s Plans to Bring to Justice Those Involved in Incitement and Assault on U.S. Capitol
1/6/21 Smith Statement on Capitol Campus Insurrection