August 2010

Date Title
8/20/10 Skelton Statement on Final Ft. Hood Review
8/16/10 Skelton Statement on Annual China Report
8/9/10 Skelton Statement on Gates Announcement to Improve Efficiency of DOD

July 2010

Date Title
7/31/10 SKELTON DELIVERS KEYNOTE ADDRESS AT USS MISSOURI COMMISSIONING CEREMONY Skelton: Age of the Conventional Missile Makes Submarines Critical to National Defense
7/29/10 Skelton on Army Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Report
7/27/10 Skelton Statement on the Vote on the War Supplemental
7/26/10 Skelon Statement on WikiLeaks
7/21/10 Skelton Honors WWII and Current Service Members
7/1/10 Skelton Calls for Vote to Support Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

June 2010

Date Title
6/29/10 Skelton on SIGAR Report Identifying Flaws in Assessing Capabilities of the Afghan National Security Forces
6/29/10 Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Building Foreign Language and Cultural Skills in our Military: Improving but Still Work To Do
6/24/10 Skelton Supports Iran Sanctions Act Conference Report
6/23/10 Skelton Statement on President’s Decision to Change Commanders in Afghanistan
6/22/10 Skelton Statement on General McChrystal Profile
6/21/10 Langevin and Turner Call for Improved Accounting of Total Nuclear Weapons Complex Costs
6/17/10 Skelton Announces June 30 Hearing on Arlington National Cemetery
6/10/10 Skelton Says Committee Will Investigate Problems at Arlington National Cemetery
6/9/10 Agency Stovepipes Leading to National Security Vulnerabilities: Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Interagency National Security Reform

May 2010

Date Title
5/28/10 Skelton Pleased by Progress on U.S.-Japan Security Issues
5/28/10 Skelton Praises Bill Providing Relief for Disabled Military Retirees
5/28/10 House Approves FY11 Defense Authorization Bill
5/26/10 Skelton Welcomes Congressman Mark Critz to House Armed Services Committee
5/25/10 Skelton-McKeon Resolution Honors Armed Forces and Veterans
5/25/10 Skelton on the FY11 Defense Authorization and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”