May 2011

Date Title
5/9/11 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement on Release of FY 2012 Nation Defense Authorization Act
5/5/11 Ranking Member Bordallo Statement at Readiness Subcommittee Markup
5/5/11 Ranking Member Mike McIntyre Statement at Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee Markup
5/5/11 Ranking Member Reyes’ Statement at Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee Markup
5/4/11 Ranking Member Sanchez’ Statement at Strategic Forces Subcommittee Markup
5/4/11 Ranking Member Langevin’s Statement at Emerging Threats and Capabilities Markup
5/4/11 Ranking Member Susan Davis’ Statement at Military Personnel Subcommittee Markup
5/2/11 Ranking Member Smith's Statement on Death of Osama Bin Laden

April 2011

Date Title
4/28/11 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement on President's National Security Nominations
4/6/11 Smith’s Statement for PACOM, U.S. Forces Korea Hearing
4/6/11 Smith’s Statement for TRANSCOM, AFRICOM Hearing
4/4/11 Smith’s Statement on Administration’s Announcement to Prosecute 9/11 Conspirators
4/1/11 Smith’s Opening Statement at Hearing on Operation Odyssey Dawn

March 2011

Date Title
3/30/11 Smith’s Statement on EUCOM, SOUTHCOM and NORTHCOM FY12 Budget Hearing
3/29/11 Smith’s Statement on President’s Speech on Libya
3/8/11 Statement on Republican Detainee Legislation
3/7/11 Smith’s Statement on Executive Order to Resume Guantanamo Trials
3/1/11 Smith’s Statement on Navy Budget Hearing

February 2011

Date Title
2/24/11 Armed Services Committee Leaders Comment on Air Force Aerial Refueling Tanker Award
2/17/11 Smith’s Statement on Air Force Budget Hearing
2/16/11 Smith’s Statement at Hearing on FY 2012 Defense Budget
2/14/11 Smith’s Statement on President’s FY 2012 Defense Budget
2/11/11 Smith’s Statement on Resignation of Egyptian President Mubarak

January 2011

Date Title
1/26/11 Smith’s Statement on Budget Reductions and Efficiencies Initiatives
1/20/11 Armed Services Committee Leaders Announce Subcommittee Membership for the 112th Congress