July 2012

Date Title
7/26/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith Applauds Senators Graham, Kyl for Stance on Sequestration
7/25/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith’s Statement at Joint Hearing with Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
7/18/12 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement at Hearing on Sequestration: Industry Perspectives
7/10/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith to Give Speech on National Security Challenges in Africa

June 2012

Date Title
6/28/12 Smith Spearheads Effort for Equal Treatment of Military Spouses
6/25/12 Smith: Time for Republicans and Democrats to Work Together to Stop Sequestration
6/22/12 Ranking Member Smith Welcomes Ron Barber to HASC
6/8/12 CNN: Ranking Member Adam Smith on Indefinite Military Detention
6/1/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith Visits Kenya to Assess Efforts to Combat Al Shabaab, AQAP
6/1/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith Visits Uganda to Assess Efforts to Root out Joseph Kony’s LRA

May 2012

Date Title
5/18/12 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement on Passage of National Defense Authorization Act
5/18/12 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement on Smith-Amash Amendment Vote
5/16/12 Ranking Member Smith Statement at Opening Debate on the FY 2013 National Defense Authorization Act
5/16/12 Due Process, Civil Liberties Resource Kit
5/15/12 Ranking Member Adam Smith Responds to Claims by Proponents of Indefinite Detention
5/9/12 Republican Amendment Discriminates Against Gay and Lesbian Services Members
5/9/12 Republicans Vote to Undermine Security, Safety at Nuclear Labs
5/9/12 Republicans Vote to Waste Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Un-required Missile Defense System
5/9/12 Ranking Member Smith Calls for Accelerated Transition in Afghanistan
5/9/12 Ranking Member Smith’s Opening Statement at FY 2013 Nation Defense Authorization Act Markup
5/8/12 Ranking Member Smith Seeks to Preserve Civil Liberties, Constitutional Rights
5/7/12 Ranking Member Smith’s Statement on Release of Full Committee Mark
5/1/12 Ranking Member Smith's Statement on Signing of Strategic Partnership Agreement

April 2012

Date Title
4/26/12 Ranking Member Langevin’s Statement at Emerging Threats and Capabilities Markup
4/26/12 Ranking Member Sanchez’ Statement at Strategic Forces Subcommittee Markup