January 2020

Date Title
1/15/20 Smith Statement on Future Plans to Steal Department of Defense Funds to pay for a Border Wall
1/8/20 HASC Schedule: January 13 – 17
1/3/20 Smith Raises Grave Concerns About Pentagon Military Action in Iraq

December 2019

Date Title
12/29/19 Smith Slams Recent Rocket Attacks in Iraq Killing U.S. Contractor
12/20/19 Chairman Smith Statement as the FY20 NDAA is Signed into Law
12/11/19 Chairman Smith Corrects the Record on the FY20 NDAA
12/11/19 Chairman Smith on the Passage of the FY20 NDAA Conference Report
12/9/19 House and Senate Armed Services Committees Complete Conference for the FY20 National Defense Authorization Act
12/3/19 Chairmen Smith and Engel Demand Answers on Administration’s Negotiations with Asian Allies
12/3/19 HASC Schedule: December 9 – 13

November 2019

Date Title
11/27/19 HASC Schedule: December 2 – 6
11/25/19 Chairman Smith Condemns President Trump’s Interference in the Military Justice Process
11/22/19 Chairmen Smith and Engel Demand Answers on White House Scheme on Open Skies Treaty
11/15/19 UPDATED HASC Schedule: November 18 – 22
11/6/19 HASC Schedule: November 11 – 15

October 2019

Date Title
10/27/19 Smith Statement on Al-Baghdadi Special Operation
10/24/19 Smith Blames Border Wall as Main Sticking Point in FY20 NDAA Negotiations
10/24/19 Smith Slams Decision to Abandon the Kurds
10/22/19 HASC Schedule: October 28 – November 1
10/18/19 House Armed Services Committee Stands Up Future of Defense Task Force
10/17/19 Smith Statement on the Passing of Congressman Elijah Cummings
10/17/19 Chairmen Smith and Engel Statement on the Retirement of Rose Gottemoeller, Deputy Secretary General of NATO
10/15/19 HASC Schedule, October 21-25
10/11/19 Smith Warns Against Aiding Saudi Arabia After Abandoning Kurdish Partners
10/10/19 Smith Statement Following Visit to Border Wall Construction Site