December 2016

Date Title
12/2/16 Ranking Member Smith Statement on the Nomination of General Mattis for Secretary of Defense
12/2/16 Ranking Member Smith Statement on Passage of the FY 2017 NDAA

November 2016

Date Title
11/17/16 Smith and Thornberry on the Passing of Mel Laird
11/10/16 Smith Statement on Additional Funding Request

October 2016

Date Title
10/26/16 House Armed Services Committee Leaders on Suspending the Collection of National Guard Bonuses
10/12/16 Smith Statement on the U.S. Military’s Disaster Relief Efforts

September 2016

Date Title
9/11/16 Smith Statement on the Anniversary of September 11
9/9/16 Smith Statement on North Korean Nuclear Test

August 2016

Date Title
8/29/16 Smith Statement on the Situation in Yemen
8/1/16 Smith Statement on Air Strikes in Libya

July 2016

Date Title
7/20/16 Smith Statement on the Passing of Congressman Mark Takai
7/16/16 Smith Statement on the Attempted Coup in Turkey
7/12/16 Statement by Armed Services & Foreign Affairs Democrats on South China Sea Decision
7/11/16 Smith Statement on New Troop Levels and the Readiness Crisis

June 2016

Date Title
6/30/16 Smith Statement on Navy Report into the Farsi Island Incident
6/30/16 Smith Statement on the Defense Department’s New Policy on Transgender Servicemembers Files
6/27/16 Democrats Issue Benghazi Report and Release Interview Transcripts
6/21/16 Smith Introduces Bill to Reduce Excess Military Infrastructure
6/9/16 Smith Statement on the House Republicans' National Security Agenda

May 2016

Date Title
5/18/16 Smith Announces Opposition to FY2017 NDAA
5/18/16 HASC Democratic Summary of the FY17NDAA Files
5/17/16 Statement on the Rules Committee’s “Dead-of-Night” Move to Overturn Women in the Selective Service Provision
5/16/16 Smith Letter: Benghazi Committee’s Credibility Shredded by Statements From Benghazi Committee’s Own Counsel
5/12/16 Smith Statement on Defense Appropriations Bill
5/8/16 Smith Statement on the Two-Year Anniversary of the Benghazi Committee