Washington, DC – Today House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO) sent a letter to General Wallace, Commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), encouraging him to find ways to employ greater numbers of wounded warriors.

Text of the letter is below:

August 7, 2008

Dear General Wallace:

 I am writing to encourage you to investigate the potential to provide greater numbers of wounded warriors with employment opportunities within Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

 As you have often emphasized, the focus of all of TRADOC’s effort is on transforming quality recruits into physically tough, mentally adaptive soldiers with the skills, knowledge, and ethos that makes them superior warriors.  I believe the process by which you achieve that mission would be greatly enhanced by the presence of our heroes who have been wounded in battle.  Not only would their stories be inspirational, their combat experience would add a new dimension to the education of our warriors in training.

 Obviously, our wounded warriors would also have the advantage of a meaningful and rewarding job experience in which they can take pride in still being able to contribute to the Army mission.  TRADOC would seem to offer a wide variety of job opportunities to accommodate the full range of skills, training, and education within the wounded warrior population.  Whether filling an instructor position or performing a support, administrative, or leadership role in the school cadre, TRADOC would seem to be unique in its ability to honor the Army’s promise to keep wounded warriors in the Army family.  Whether they are looking for temporary employment until their rehabilitation allows their return to their units or if they require permanent employment because of wounds that now require them to find a new way to serve the Army, TRADOC would seem to offer many wounded warriors a brighter future.  While any of TRADOC’s many centers and schools would benefit from the presence of wounded warriors, I would think that the schools that focus on leadership development such as the Army War College, the Command and General Staff College, the Officer Candidates School, and the Sergeant Major Academy would benefit the most.

 I would greatly appreciate understanding your perspective of this proposal and I look forward to discussing how I might assist you to develop and implement a robust program.
Very truly yours,



House Armed Services Committee