Washington , DC – Military Personnel Subcommittee Chairman Vic Snyder released the following statement concerning today’s subcommittee hearing regarding force determination requirements.


"The President's recent call for an end strength increase of 92,000, if fully implemented, will allow more options for our military commanders in fulfilling their mission; but such an increase will have substantial long-term cost,” said Chairman Snyder. 


The House Armed Services Committee authorized an increase of 30,000 in the Army and 5,000 in the Marine Corps in last year’s National Defense Authorization Act.  The President is now calling for end strength increases of 65,000 in the Army and 27,000 in the Marine Corps by FY 2011.


“It is important that committee members understand the process by which the number 92,000 was reached so that we can determine if this number best contributes to meeting future threats,” Chairman Snyder said.


“Congressional review of an end strength increase is particularly important in light of the conflicting conclusions reached by the QDR under Secretary Rumsfeld."


The 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review, released less than a year ago, concluded that currently projected troop levels would be sufficient through FY 2011.