WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee held a Member briefing with the Government Accountability Office to discuss ongoing reviews and studies of cyberspace and cybersecurity capabilities of the Department of Defense.  The briefing complemented previous classified sessions conducted by the subcommittee over the past several months examining the maturation of U.S. Cyber Command and Cyber Mission Forces, as well as the dual-hat relationship with the National Security Agency. The subcommittee has noted concern in the past at DOD’s ability to mature U.S. Cyber Command, and to provide domestic support to civil authorities, including the mitigation and protection of critical infrastructure and the Defense Industrial Base. Today’s discussion covered a broad range of topics, including cyber capabilities, organization and management, command and control, policies, and authorities. The briefing additionally provided many recommendations designed to assist Members of the subcommittee to craft legislative solutions for the forthcoming National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019.  Ranking Member Langevin and Chairwoman Stefanik reaffirmed their commitment to continue working with GAO and the Department of Defense to ensure the nation remains secure from current and future cyber threats from both State and non-state actors alike.