Washington D.C.House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith released the following statement today concerning the Libya resolutions offered by Speaker John Boehner and Congressman Dennis Kucinich:

"I applaud Speaker Boehner and Congressman Kucinich for bringing these resolutions up for debate. Congress should express its view on the ongoing conflict in Libya. I do, however, oppose both resolutions. Both would tie the President’s hands, undermine our ability to successfully accomplish our mission and send the wrong message to the world and our allies.

"While I certainly agree that we should not put U.S. troops on the ground in Libya, we must also remember why we are involved in this NATO-led effort to begin with: to stop a brutal dictator from savagely attacking and murdering the Libyan people. The President made a compelling case for our involvement in Libya and the resolutions put forth today, if passed, would undermine our efforts and embolden Gaddafi to cling to power.”