As I have repeatedly said, this bill is bad for national security. We now have an opportunity to fix it.

We all want to see the President sign a defense bill that strengthens national security. In order for that to happen, Republicans should fix the budget gimmick in this bill that misuses the Overseas Contingency Operation fund to evade the congressionally mandated budget caps and provide the Department of Defense with a stable and predictable budget on which to plan.  Given our national security challenges, anything less would be irresponsible.

In the current budget environment, where the government is funded through continuing resolutions and last minute mindless budget deals, it is our responsibility to protect our troops from the fallout. This bill fails to accomplish that goal and it must be fixed.

The defense bill now hangs in peril because Republicans refused to make the necessary changes to strengthen our national security. We can’t give our troops the tools needed to fight our aggressors by using a budget gimmick.