Washington D.C.— Today, the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee (O&I) of the House Armed Services Committee held another hearing on the development of the Iraqi Security Forces.  Today’s focus was the development of the Iraqi Police Service.  Chairman Martin Meehan (MA) released the following statement:


            “ I am pleased to have the opportunity to hear from the military personnel who are directly engaged in training the Iraqi Police Service and preparing American servicemen and women for that mission.  The importance of the Iraqi police is too often overlooked, so it is invaluable to hear the firsthand experiences of the soldiers, marines, and airmen participating in this effort.  They are doing a critical and highly dangerous mission. 


            “I would like to recognize that the Department of Defense, in what we hope is a newfound spirit of cooperation, provided junior officers with a range of backgrounds and experience levels, as we requested.


            “We had also hoped to hear from senior leaders who oversee the Iraqi Police Service development effort.  Speaking with these leaders is essential to understanding the plan for integrating the police into the broader Iraqi security apparatus and learning about our progress with Iraq-wide community policing, a key element in any counter-insurgency.  I look forward to hearing from General Dempsey next month.”



Three weeks ago, the O&I subcommittee requested to speak with the senior Department officials responsible for overseeing the Iraqi Police training effort.  Members were told that the only individual qualified to speak on these matter was Lt. General Dempsey and that he would not be available until June.  No alternative witnesses were provided.