WASHINGTON, DC  – Today the House Armed Services Committee approved legislation to restrict the transfer of Guantanamo detainees. The amendment offered by Chairman Skelton ensures that no detainee is transferred from Guantanamo Bay until the President has a full plan to mitigate any risk they may pose.

 “We are committed to protecting Americans and our nation. My amendment requires the President to submit a thorough plan outlining how he plans to mitigate the existence of any risk these detainees may pose to the areas where they will be transferred,” said Chairman Ike Skelton (D-MO).   

“Congress will have plenty of time to review his plan before any detainee is moved, and states’ rights are preserved by requiring that he consult with state governors before submitting it. Both our President and Secretary Gates have demonstrated solid judgment, and their dedication to supporting a robust national defense will enable us to work together to resolve this issue in a safe way that is acceptable to all concerned,” Skelton concluded.

The Skelton amendment states the following:

  • Detainees cannot be transferred from Guantanamo Bay without the President first presenting a plan on what danger the detainees pose to the United States, its territories, and possessions, how the President plans to mitigate this risk and what will happen to individual detainees.
  • The President must also consult with state governors, the Mayor of DC, or the chief executives of the territories or possessions on proposed transfers to their localities.

*** All provisions are subject to change pending final passage of H.R.2647 ***