Washington D.C. - Congressman Adam Smith (WA-09), Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, released the following statement after House Republicans introduced legislation attempting to address detainee related issues: 

 “Yesterday House Republicans criticized the Administration for not working in a bipartisan fashion, yet today they unilaterally unveiled legislation without input from Democrats. While we were informed that legislation was being drafted, our views on the substance of the proposal were not incorporated into the bill that was introduced today. This legislation solely represents the views of the Republican Party. 

 “The legislation introduced today is also seriously flawed. It creates legal barriers at a time when the Administration needs flexibility in dealing with terrorists who threaten our national security. We must create a system that provides swift and meaningful justice to those who wish to do us harm. This bill reads more like a partisan statement, rather than a serious solution designed to garner bipartisan support and address a pressing national security issue. 

 “I strongly encourage my colleagues to put aside partisan rhetoric and short-term political goals and focus on solutions. This is an important issue with serious implications for our national security and it must be addressed in a bipartisan way. 

 “In the days ahead I will work with my colleagues from both sides of the aisle as well as the Administration to create a legislative solution to this important national security issue.”