Washington D.C.Ranking Member Adam Smith (WA-09) released the following statement in response to the Administration’s announcement that it will move forward with the prosecution of the alleged September 11th conspirators:

 “On September 11th, 2001 our country was maliciously attacked. This attack challenged our resolve, as well as our values – both have endured that test.

 “The men who conceived and executed that heinous attack will be brought to justice and the world will see that the system they sought to destroy has not been shaken. They must be prosecuted in a way that upholds our Constitution and our values and that ensures our national security.  Today’s announcement brings us closer to achieving that goal.

 “Moving forward, we must craft a long-term legal framework and policies for detaining, interrogating and trying our enemies. We must keep in mind that while military tribunals are the correct courses of action in some cases, it might not be the right course of action in every case. Any long-term term policy must not limit the President’s ability to prosecute those who wish to do our nation harm. It must ensure our national security and uphold our values.”