Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces Hearing: “Army Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Program Update and Review of Electrification”
Thursday, May 27, 2021
(3:00pm ET – Virtual via WebEx – Open)

:  This public hearing will include an overview of Army’s Tactical Wheeled Vehicle (TWV) program priorities, near- and long-term modernization plans, and an assessment of the general health of the TWV industrial base.  This hearing will also provide an introduction to the Army’s current views on the potential and practicality of tactical vehicle electrification including its technical feasibility, affordability, and operations in a field environment.


Mr. Tim Goddette
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition Policy and Logistics

Mr. Michael K. Cadiuex
Director, Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC)