WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC), today announced that long-time HASC Staff Director Paul Arcangeli will depart the Committee on April 1.

“For nearly twenty years, Paul has served the House Armed Services Committee with tireless professionalism, honor, and commitment to our service members and their families,” Chairman Smith said. “Over the years, and in all of his roles on the Committee, Paul has provided indispensable counsel to me and other members of the Committee. As Staff Director, he led the Committee’s talented workforce effectively and helped steward the process of crafting the National Defense Authorization Act with bipartisan collegiality and integrity. In recent years, this task has become increasingly difficult, and each year Paul has risen to meet the challenge. While we will miss him, we wish him all the best as he begins the next chapter and continues serving.”

In addition to Arcangeli’s departure, the following staff changes will go into effect April 1:
  • Brian Garrett, current Deputy Staff Director, will assume the role of Staff Director;
  • Katy Quinn, current Policy Staff Lead, will assume the role of Deputy Staff Director;
  • Phil MacNaughton, current Seapower and Projection Forces Staff Lead, will assume the role of Policy Staff lead; and
  • Jay Vallario, current Professional Staff Member, will assume the role of Seapower and Projection Forces Staff Lead. 

Chairman Smith continued: “I am pleased that Brian will be taking on this new role as the Committee prepares to navigate the NDAA through yet another cycle. Brian brings deep experience, professionalism, and dedication to the mission of strengthening our country’s national security through effective policymaking and oversight, and I am confident that he will approach his new responsibilities with the same commitment to excellence and with the support of the top-notch professionals that make up the committee staff.”