WASHINGTON, DC - The House Armed Services Committee will markup the FY19 NDAA on May 9. During the course of the markup, the Committee will distribute electronic copies of NDAA amendments via e-mail to interested Capitol Hill credentialed media. Amendments will be emailed as they are called up for consideration by the Committee. To ensure timely distribution, subscribers to these emails will be limited to media with Capitol Hill credentials. Additionally, credentialed media outlets will be limited to one e-mail address each.   

Interested media may subscribe to the distribution list here.  

The distribution list will be tested three times prior to the markup:
    - Friday, May 4, with the release of the passed Subcommittee Marks;
    - Monday, May 7, with the release of the Chairman's Mark;
    - and Tuesday, May 8, with any additional information.

If you have signed up for the list but do not receive these tests, please reach out to nick.mikula@mail.house.gov.

The list will close Thursday, May 3, at 5 PM EDT. Absolutely zero additions or deletions will be entertained at that time. Subscribing media should be prepared for the frequent distributions of large files on May 9.  

Distributions Highlights:
    - Interested media must sign up ahead of the deadline;
    - Open to media with Congressional Credentials only;
    - One contact per media outlet;
    - No additions or deletions to the list after 5 PM EDT on May 3.