Washington D.C.House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith released the following statement in support of the Obama Administration’s policies to ensure US and Israeli national security and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon:

“The President has made it abundantly clear through his words as well as his actions, that under his leadership the United States will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. 

“While the President has rightly not taken the military option off the table, it is important that we allow enough time for the sanctions to work. Many of the sanctions were recently passed by Congress, and are just now beginning to take effect.  Additional sanctions from the European Union are just now coming on line as well, and they will continue to strengthen as time goes on.  These withering sanctions are creating serious economic problems in Iran, and we expect the situation to only intensify.

“The President has assembled a rare level of international cooperation. The European Union has put in place forceful sanctions.  China, India and South Korea are all cutting back on oil purchases from Iran or making it harder for Iran to profit.  The world has united to isolate the Iranian regime, which cannot be lost on those making decisions in Tehran.  However, rushing into a precipitous military action is unwise.  We should allow enough time to see if the sanctions and international isolation cause Iran to rethink its course of action.  Taking unilateral military action at this point is unnecessary and would only serve to undermine international consensus. Military action, and Iran’s likely response, could also lead to significant problems for the international economy and destabilize the entire region.

“The President has put forth the right policy to ensure U.S and Israeli national security and prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The President’s impressive record on national security has given us no reason to doubt his resolve.