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Sequester Will Slam Shipbuilding Hardest; Navy League Rallies Resistance
AOL Defense, 04/20/2012

Budget sequestration would be a dagger to defense
By Robert J. Samuelson, 03/04/2012 
Washington Post  

China Meets American Defense Cuts with Steep Increases
Washington Post, 03/04/2012 

Ryan's Budget Protects Defense
By Arthur Brooks, Edwin Feulner and William Kristol
Wall Street Journal 

A Path to Security
Thomas Donnelly, Gary J. Schmitt 
The Weekly Standard 
Other Coverage:  

New York Times 
Weighing Pentagon Cuts, Panetta Faces Deep Pressures

Washington Post Editorial 
U.S. defense on the defensive

Robert Samuelson
We shouldn't gut defense

(Excerpts from Stars and Stripes)
By Randy Forbes 

Defense cuts hurt U.S. in long run
Rep. Duncan Hunter

McKeon WSJ Op-ed

WSJ Arsenal needs facelift

Army Leaders Warn Against Shrinking Forces Too Much 
The Army gets set to fight for its budget dollars
Vice chiefs bemoan readiness in bid to save budgets -- DoD Buzz  

POLITICO Morning Defense -- Politico  

Military brass warns against deep cuts -- Daily Press,0,7907019.story  

Top Brass Unloads on Austerity Plan -- Wired  

Joint Chiefs chairman nominee warns against $800 billion in Defense cuts -- The Hill  

Budget Cuts Will Further Damage U.S. Combat Readiness, Senior Officers Say -- CQ  

General Dempsey warns against deep defense cuts -- Reuters  

DoD Brass Warn of Impact of More Than $400 Billion In Security Cuts -- Defense Daily (Subscription Required)  

Forbes: 'I Worry About Our State of [Military] Readiness' -- Weekly Standard  

Right at the Ragged Edge -- Air Force Magazine

Panetta Reviewing Air-Sea Battle Plan Summary, Greenert Says -- Bloomberg  

House Armed Services Chairman Opposes Major Defense Cuts -- FoxNews