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DOD Buzz
Report: Parts-swapping is common across Navy
By Philip Ewing, July 19, 2011

Jane’s Defense
USN ships 'cannibalise' equipment to pass inspections, Congress told
By Sam LaGrone, July 19, 2011

AOL Defense
Pentagon Struggles To Keep Ships Sailing, Planes Flying As Budget Cuts Loom

By Mackenzie Eaglen,
July 18, 2011

AOL Defense
Cutting Navy Carrier: Maybe, Maybe Not

By Carlo Munoz, July 18, 2011

Lawmaker: Navy Faces ‘Alarming’ Readiness Deficiencies

The Hill
Navy Department could face $10 billion in budget cuts
John Bennett, July 13, 2011

Over a Fifth of Navy Ships Aren’t Ready to Fight
By Spencer Ackerman, July 13, 2011

The Navy's Readiness Woes
July 13, 2011

DOD Buzz
Surface Navy: ‘We’re not good to go’
By Philip Ewing, July 12, 2011