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WASHINGTON, DC – House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon and Subcommittee Chairmen have reaffirmed their pledge that further cuts to national security are irresponsible and unacceptable. The Committee leaders called on the President and Congressional leaders to focus on the real drivers of our debt and deficits, entitlement spending, which consumes over 60% of the annual budget. To date, national security has comprised 50% of the cuts to date in the Budget Control Act as well as the Sequester, despite only accounting for 18% of federal spending.  

Chairman McKeon: 
“We are telling the President and John Boehner, when you walk out of that meeting this morning, don’t plan on cutting our national defense one more cent…We are done cutting our defense.”
“Sequestration was the President’s idea over a year ago. When we tried to fix it, he said ‘No. If you do anything, I’ll veto it.’ Then during the campaign, he said ‘It (sequester) won’t happen.’ Then the last couple of weeks, he’s come out  and said ‘It’s Armageddon. The world’s going to end.’  And then the last couple of days he’s softened it. He’s played all kinds of roles in this position… I have never in my life-time seen such a lack of leadership and truth-telling emanating from the White House and our Commander-in-Chief.”
“The President has talked about a balanced approach. And his balanced approach is increase taxes and cut our national security, cut defense. At some point, if he wants a balanced approach, he better start bringing mandatory spending to the table. If we cut all discretionary spending, we would still be running a deficit of half a trillion dollars a year.” 
“We have the responsibility to protect our nation’s defense and to make sure that those who we send out to war, have the things that they need to carry out their missions and return home safely.”
“It’s gone far enough. This is the end. No more cuts out of our national security.”
In attendance at the press conference where:
Rep. Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (CA), Chairman
Rep. Mac Thornberry (TX), Vice Chairman, IETC Subcommittee Chairman
Rep. Randy Forbes (VA), Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee Chairman
Rep. Joe Wilson (SC), Military Personnel Subcommittee Chairman
Rep. Michael Turner (OH), Tactical Air and Land Forces Chairman
Rep. Rob Wittman (VA), Readiness Subcommittee Chairman
Rep. Martha Roby (AL), Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee Chairman
Rep. Rob Bishop (UT), Armed Services Committee Member
Rep. Mo Brooks (AL), Armed Services Committee Member