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October 2015

Oct 08 2015

AP: Senate OKs Defense Bill

It contains all the money the President requested, he doesn't like the way Congress did it...

Washington (AP) -- Congress on Wednesday sent President Barack Obama a sweeping $612 billion defense policy bill that he has threatened to veto over an ongoing battle between Democrats and Republicans about government spending.
The Associated Press reports, “The Senate has moved ahead on a sweeping, $612 billion defense policy bill despite a presidential veto threat. The vote Tuesday was 73-26, 13 votes more than necessary to break any filibuster. The Senate is expected to pass the measure Wednesday and send it to President Barack Obama.” The implications of this are threefold.

Oct 07 2015

$612B = $612B

NDAA gives the President EVERY DOLLAR he asked for...

"$612 billion, that's what the President asked for and that's what this bill provides. There is no difference between the two." - Chairman Thornberry

Oct 06 2015

MOAA Urges President To Sign NDAA

"Vital to fulfilling wartime requirements..."

Last week the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) called on President Obama to "refrain from vetoing the National Defense Authorization Act for 2016." MOAA is the largest military officers association in the United States. MOAA President, Vice Admiral Norbert Ryan, Jr., USN (Ret.), wrote to the White House on behalf of the associations more than 390,000 members saying:

Oct 05 2015

AP: President Obama To Veto Troop Benefits

AP Analyzes Benefits for Military and Their Families in NDAA...

WASHINGTON (AP) - Buried in the 1,915-page defense policy bill are major changes that could affect more than 1 million members of the military and their families.

The House has passed the bill 270-156 and the Senate is scheduled to vote on the $612 billion bill this week.
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